First post, and it’s a meta post.

I previously had a blog at ASP.NET blogs, but decided to ditch it for WordPress.  Why?  Well obviously WordPress is the premier blogging service.  Plus the CMS is far superior than what is offered over at Microsoft.

Now that I am officially on WordPress, I wanted to use LiveWriter (LW) as my blog editor.  It has a nice community and a plethora of extensions that I could not live without.  So without further ado, here are the steps to get it setup with WordPress:

  1. Get Live Writer
  2. Start LW
  3. Add Blog account
  4. Select other blog service
  5. Enter the blog url:  http.<username>
  6. Enter Username/Password

The key is the XML RPC page that allows you to remotely interact with your blog with any external application, LiveWriter in this instance.