This will be the first part in a series of tips on some ReSharper goodness.  For the people that don’t know what ReSharper is, it’s a productivity tool for Visual Studio.  It installs as plug-in and enhances the user experience tremendously.  I will never go without ReSharper again.

Here is list of some of the features:

  • on the fly code analysis
  • code assistance (C# 3.0 ready!)
    • quick fixes
    • suggestions
    • auto complete
  • error highlighting
  • advanced code refactoring
  • navigation
  • unit testing
  • code templates

If you are a keyboard junkie, it’s got hotkeys for everything and you won’t ever have to use that crutch mouse hardly ever again.  I suggest you download the 30 day trial and see your productivity increase yourself!

Tip #1: Current Line Highlighting



That is clear call out to what line you are currently working on.  I love it.  You want it.  So how?

Step 1: Turn on highlighting

  • Go to the ReSharper Options (ALT+R, O)
  • Select Editor
  • Check “Highlight current line”
  • Click OK


You can also modify the color of the current line option.  It’s pale yellow by default, which isn’t enough for me apparently.

Step 2: Change highlight color

  • Go to Tools –> Options (ALT+T, O)
  • Expand Environment
  • Select Fonts and Colors
  • In Display Items, go to ReSharper Current Line
  • Change Item background color to your choice


*note all steps and pictures are with Visual Studio 2008