Creating Windows Installers is no fun.  Seriously, no fun.  The feedback cycle is way too long.  In order to shorten the cycle, here are a few command-line options to use to speed it up.

This will install the package with no UI at all (headless):

msiexec /i MyInstaller.msi /qn
It will save you time you don’t have to keep clicking “Next” … “Next”, “Finish”.  This will vary depending on how complicated your Install UI Sequence is.
This will uninstall the package without prompting you to confirm the action:
msiexec /x MyInstaller.msi /qn

Here are options I use frequently:
  • /i
    • install the package
  • /qn
    • shows no user interface
  • /x
    • uninstall the package
  • /l*v [path to log file]
    • verbose logging
If you are trying to debug the installation, use the log option with a tail:
/msiexec /i MyInstaller.msi /qn /l*v installer.log